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Keeley Electronics Holy Cross Fuzz
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Hello everyone and welcome to my little corner of the world! My name is David Lee and my friends call me the Reverend. I earned that title because I have been preaching about “tone” for most of my adult life.

I have been playing the guitar for over 44 years now, and I have been in working bands for the past 35 years. I’d like to think I’ve learned quite alot about tone over the span of those years and it admittedly takes quite an effects pedal to surprise and please me after all this time.

The pedals and other gear that you see reviewed here are the cream of the crop and the ones that I have personally used (or still do) on the road.

There’s so much hype out there about guitar effects that I decided it was time to produce a viable resource for musicians to visit and hear from someone just like them - working it out in local clubs and venues - and making the most of every hard earned dollar to buy only those pedals that truly do live up to their claims.

Pedals that have been thoroughly road tested in real world live performance conditions to prove their road-worthiness - and that have been put through multiple setups of guitar and amplifier combinations and different places in the pedal chain that speak to their versatility and real world applications and expectations.

Tone is not a hobby for me - it is a way of life. A religion so to speak. I have spent hundreds of hours (and dollars) and many years studying the interactions of different effects and their specific personality traits and disorders - where they shine and where they fall short. Only the best of the best - by the very best Master Builders on the planet are reviewed here. Thanks for reading and welcome to my gear resource page - where only the best get in.


Where do I start... this has been a labor of love for over a year now - but some things don't always go as planned and despite a few bumps in the road - I finally found a builder -not just any builder -but Analogman Mike - to finish a concept I had way back when.. the important thing now is that it's finished and it holds a power greater than the sum of it's parts (Thanks Mike!) I also want to give a shout out to Kirk at Pedal Parts Plus for the beautiful paint and screening work on the pedal enclosures - thanks Kirk!

The serial number is the date my Brother Bobbie passed away.. the Chinese symbol is the symbol for HARMONY - to pay tribute to the beautiful harmonies my brother and I shared for over 40 years and (not showing up very well in this photo) is the Sun Lion placed on the top of the pedal by Mike Piera.

Let's get to the detail of what's inside this beautiful tribute effects pedal - from Right to Left:

The Analogman Comprossor (with internal sustain and attack controls) , the Overdrive part of Analogman's King of Tone, and a Clean Boost. Three pedals in one enclosure and the sweetest setup anyone could hope for. You can run each effect independently or all 3 at once or any combination of two effects. It's a Blues Pedal because that's what I wanted - and the lethal combination Mike has come up with here are absolutely perfect - tonewise and in functionality and this has to be heard to be believed. What a fantastic lethal threesome and what a wonderful way to dial in the Blues for Bobbie..

But make no mistake about it -this one can also easily cover a large genre of classic and southern rock voicings without flinching. And it will do the one thing I wanted it to do the most of all -sustain a wailing lead note for days until I lift my finger off the fret... this has brought out a creative wash of emotions and memories and music that I didn't know I could play - it's coming straight from the heart to my Brother Bob - I pray he can hear me up there.. Love to all that helped make a beautiful tribute come true..

Scroll down to the bottom of this page for a much larger photo of this one of a kind tribute pedal.


Rev's January, February, March 2006 Pedal Picks!

MI Audio
Tube Zone

SubDecay Studios Flying Tomato Fuzz
Red Witch
Fuzz God
Expression Factory
Hot Wire Audio
Boss FA-1 Clone

Baby Blue Overdrive
The Sweet
Emma ReezaFRATzitz
Home Brew Electronics Psilocybe Phaser
Demeter Amplification Fuzzulator
Tone Factor Analogue Filter
Hot Silicon Fuzz

April 2006
Pedal Pick
Hot Wired Audio's
Fuzzwork Orange

May 2006
Pedal Pick
Skreddy Screwdriver

June 2006
Pedal Pick
Effectrode Tube Vibe

July 2006
Pedal Pick
Double Drive


January 2005 Pedal Pick
Toadworks John Bull

February 2005 Pedal Pick
Musician's Junkyard Screamer

March 2005 Pedal Pick
Pedalworx (BENT) Tonebender

April 2005 Pedal Pick
SIB EchoDrive

May 2005 Pedal Pick
Toadworks Lil Leo American Overdrive

June 2005 Pedal Pick
Analogmans BiChorus w/Deep Option

Out of respect for our fallen Brother & Drummer Bob Stanley 1951-2005 R.I.P.

August 2005 Pedal Pick
Foxrox Electronics Octron

September 2005 Pedal Pick
HBE Big D Distortion

October 2005 Pedal Pick
Barge Concepts BB-1

November 2005 Pedal Pick
Demeter Amplification FOD

December 2005 Pedal Pick
Foxrox Captain Coconut II


January 2004 Pedal Pick
Hermida Audio's Mosferatu Series

February 2004 Pedal Pick
Robert Keeley's Fuzz Head

March 2004 Pedal Pick
Foxrox ZIM

April 2004 Pedal Pick
RGW Electronics Bad Bob Booster

May 2004 Pedal Pick
Bigtone Music Brewery's Classic OD+

June 2004 Pedal Pick
Red Witch Moon Phaser

July 2004 Pedal Pick(s)
Steve Webster's V-Stack Classic & BHM

August 2004 Pedal Pick
Monster Effects Swamp Thang Tremelo

September 2004 Pedal Pick
Pedalworx Texas Two Step

October 2004 Pedal Pick
Monkey FX Cheeky Monkey

November 2004 Pedal Pick
Fox Rox Paradox TZF Flanger

December 2004 Pedal Pick
Love Pedal's Karl Fuzz



January 2003 Pedal Pick:
Joe Gagan/Nine Volt Nirvana's Dinosaur Fuzz

February 2003 Pedal Pick
Legendary Tones/Keeley
Time Machine Boost

March 2003 Pedal Pick
Mojo Vibe by SweetSound

April 2003 Pedal Pick
Mr. Squishy by Toadworks

May 2003 Pedal Pick
Keeley Java Boost

June 2003 Pedal Pick
Zinky True Grit

July 2003 Pedal Pick
Ibanez Tube King

August 2003 Pedal Pick
Bennett Music Labs Brown Sound

September 2003 Pedal Pick
Fireman FX Baron Boost

October 2003 Pedal Pick
Toadworks Death Rattle

November 2003 Pedal Pick
Geoffrey Teese
Wheels Of Fire Wah

December 2003 Pedal Pick
Love Pedal's Fab 50


December 2002 Pedal Pick:
Robert Keeley's Compressor


January's Pedal Pick was the Teese RMC2 Custom Blue Edition!

February's Pedal Pick was
Visual Sounds Angry Fuzz!

March's Pedal Pick was Toadworks Texas Flood Overdrive!

April's Pedal Pick was
Fulltone's GT-500!

May's Pedal Pick Ibanez Flying Pan Reissue FP-777

Gear Nirvana Moments

As part of the recent Midwest Music & Gear Slut Event in Kansas City last Thursday & Friday, Robert Keeley & MrBluetone (John Richards) & myself visited the Musician's Friend Clearance Center (and another big store).

We also spent the night at the Quarterage Hotel - excellent security all around us - and saw Dave Weiner (from the Steve Vai band) and Rob Balducci in concert at the Grand Emporium -what a fantastic show - these guys are killer guitar players - I think most of the audience was made up of guitar players!

They treated Robert Keeley like a ROCK STAR and constantly heralded him from the stage. What a NIGHT OF PURE GUITAR!! A memorable night that I'll never ever forget! Thanks John, Charise & Robert - I love you all. Rev

A couple photos of me, John Richards (Mr Bluetone on HCFX) & Robert Keeley, at a meet up a few summers ago in Kansas City Missouri. Robert Keeley shown placing the coveted
Keeley Tone Work Station
- (now not to be released to the public due to production costs) - at my feet. Fucking WOW is all I can say about this pedal, and for meeting Robert for the very first time -and receiving such a gift! Thank you Brother for a moment and "the tone" I'll never forget... Rev
10/24/09 - Found myself a 57 Twin and a Highway 1 Daphne Blue Strat at CrazyHorse Guitars - click HERE to see the photos! Rev

2009 Pedal Picks
Blackout Effectors
Whetstone Phaser

Toadworks Barracuda Flanger

CMAT Mods Brownie

Soul Bender

Fuzz Tone

Fat City

Electro Harmonix

Line 6

Time Machine Delay

Boss Fender FRV-1 Reverb

Ross Phaser Distortion (Vintage)

Way Huge
Angry Troll
Linear Boost

We mourn for the loss of our dear friend Jennifer who lost her battle with cancer at the young age of only 43 years old. A wonderful Mom & a true friend of the band. R.I.P. Angel
For Jennifer

Pedal Picks

January 2010 Pedal Pick
Frantone Electronics
Hep Cat Overdrive

February 2010 Pedal Pick
Keeley Electronics
Six Stage Phaser

March 2010 Pedal Pick
Hartman Electronics LM308 OpAmp Distortion

April 2010 Pedal Pick
Drop Tune

May 2010
Pedal Pick

Way Huge
AquaPuss Delay

June 2010 Pedal Pick
Roger Mayer
Axis Fuzz

July 2010 Pedal Pick
Cesar Diaz Texas Square Face Fuzz

August 2010
Chicago Iron
Parachute Wah

September 2010
616 Analog Delay

October 2010
Boss PS-6

November 2010
Jet City


December 2010
No Pedal Pick

Demeter Amplification makes some bad-assed pedals but these 3 custom shop Overdrives deserve their own space on my page. Pictured to the left is the beautiful looking & sounding Demeter Double Drive and pictured below are a pair of kick ass custom shop
Fat Over Drives done in a beautiful flame finish accomplished by actually engraving into the metal enclosure before finishing the paint and clear coat. WOW!
More unique pedal shots! This hand painted creature was made in a very limited run by John Spears, owner of Monster Effects. The "Swamp Thang" is a sweet as hell Tremolo pedal. Pure CCR in a box. Proudly perched upon a Fender Tweed Blues Deluxe for your viewing pleasure!


I loaned him an amp for a gig... honest
Click HERE
for Photos!!!

My friend, Donner Rusk, from St Louis - is an excellent painter and designer who creates one of a kind fabulous custom painted enclosures! Featured here are two of the examples of Donner's work: On the left - Sweet Sound's Mojo Vibe, and below: a beautiful Pedalworx Hellbilly.
I pimped up my Demeter Fat OverDrives with some new knobs - check em out!
One of a kind pedal by circuit genius Jack Orman of AMZFX built soley for the Tsunami Relief effort in 2004 with a custom one of a kind paint job to simulate the waves of the water. Dubbed the Plexi Drive - this is just pure sweet harmonic textured bliss to die for. Why he doesn't mass produce these (without the custom paint job) is beyond me. Thanks Jack for a definite keeper and a masterful overdrive. Rev

A special recognition here to the God of Wah - Geoffrey Teese of RMC (Real McCoy). Nobody makes them better or offers such a huge variety of tweakable wah wah pedals on the planet earth. He doesn't make other types of pedals - his entire focus is and has been on perfecting & expanding the tonal expressions from the pedal that mimics the human voice. There is no one else who has dedicated the years of research or added so much tonal spectrum to this type of musical expression

From left to right: Wizard Wah, Wheels of Fire Wah,
Joe Walsh Signature Wah, Picture Wah, RMC-2 Wah & RMC8 Eqwahlyzer

From the Keeley Electronics website posted January 25, 2012:

"Chris Mahoney, head of the Keeley Custom Shop, has finished a dead on copy of the Mosrite FUZZrite! We have sold out of about half of them so contact [email protected] for pictures and more. They are $279.00 each and ship with a free T-shirt and Power Supply(9 VDC supply for use in US only). These have the original transistors, super high capacitors and vintage style carbon comp resistors. There is a Boost Mode that has been added, and was really makes this monster fuzz piece! The only other thing added to the design is an LED, Keeley blue of course! "

This just arrived today and I immediately headed to the studio for a full out let's rip this baby apart session. I used a 89 Gibson Les Paul Custom guitar with a Marshall Bluesbreaker combo and gave myself a haircut! Whoa! Working solely from memory - this entry from the Keeley Custom Shop is dead on in the tonal variations I have in my head from having played through the original back in the sixties,

The former Battery ON/OFF switch has been replaced with a Boost switch that basically has the same effect that the Battery ON switch did which gives this recreation a full sweet fuzz wall of tone to die for. As well it seems to be a fuller bodied sounding effect than the original with the Boost ON which is a great improvement to my ears. With the Boost switch in the OFF position - there is no noticeable difference from the original. Raw, edgy, perfect fuzz which can easily re-create the original hits that were recorded with this pedal by so many bands I won't bother to list them all. Excellent dead on perfect re-creation from the Custom Shop!

Pictured below is a photo of the original.

This was a very limited edition that is no longer available which, is a shame because, this is one of the most daunting & delicious Fuzz pedals to ever come down the pike. The appearance alone gives me goosebumps but even more important here - are the emotional strains you can let loose once you engage this bad assed mo fo. This is where the term "tone to the bone" comes from. My rib cage was shaking like the time I was in L.A. and experienced my first earthquake. The difference is that you can turn this one off and on with a push of the footswitch.

This is a pedal you can go to war with and crush everything that gets in your path. That Gate control is there to throw open the gates of hell should you decide to do so. I prefer my gate to be full open. That having been said, every setting throughout the dials are sweet spots - it is impossible to get a bad voice out of the Holy Cross. Humbuckers, single coils, Fenders, Gibsons, and yes - even my D'Angelico EXL-1 sound killer with this tone machine. Perhaps a better name would have been the Unholy Cross :o) I love it I love it I love it. Thank you Robert Keeley & Crew from the House of Satan.. er, I mean the House of Blue Lights even though this particular pedal has a red one. Thanks for reading! Rev

December 2013 Pedal Pick - JHS SuperBolt Overdrive
Another kick ass combination - my beloved Gibson ES-335 with my killer Gibson Goldtone Amp
Special condolences goes out from the Rockets Band to our beloved friend Geoffrey Teese over the recent loss of his wife, Stephanie, who passed away November 22, 2013 at the young age of 48 from an unexpected heart attack. She leaves behind their son Christopher and many family members and friends. Her & Geoffrey were married for 24 years and she was the absolute light of his life. Our thoughts and prayers are with you always and forever. Rest in peace dear Stephanie.
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